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Woodwind pads
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Saxophone pads


                     No1.                                                                                  No.2

The above saxophone pads(No.1 and No.2) with different leather is our most salable pads.
All saxophone pads with polythene membrane inside, it is very helpful for waterproof better and longer life.


Saxophone pads by set:



         Soprano saxophone pads(advanced type )                               Alto saxophone pads(advanced type )


         Tenor saxophone pads(advanced type)                            Baritone saxophone pads(advanced type) 

Pads by set can be made by different type---Selmer, Yahama……


Saxophone pads by individual size





Available from 7mm to 90mm in 0.5 mm increments ,Thickness depends on diameter or as request.


We also accept special design from customers. The following design comes from one of our customer.




Clarinet pads:



              White leather clarinet pads                                               Orange-red leather clarinet pads



 Advanced clarinet pads by double skin (the skin comes from Italy)



Advanced clarinet pads by single skin (the skin comes from Italy)


The common type of clarinet pads is Selmer and Buffet.

Individual pads is available by 0.5mm in step


Flute pads


                Flute pads by Single skin                                                                  Flute pads by Double skin


C-flute pads and Open-hole flute pads



 Piccolo pads                                                              



                                               front                                                                           back


           Bass clarinet pads                                                                 Oboe pads



Bassoon pads